1.  Drug Discovery
    1. Structure-Based Drug Design
      1. Target-Based Drug Design

Solved Structures vs Predicted Structures

  1. Ligand-Based Drug Design
  2. Interface Drug-Design


  1. Virtual Screening
    1. Ligand-Based Virtual Screening
    2. Structure-Based Virtual Screening
  1. Virtual Compound Libraries Generation
    1. Scaffold Replacement, Fragment Linking, and Fragment Growing Virual Libraries
    2. Breeding Virtual Libraries
    3. Reaction-Based Virtual Libraries
  2. QSAR Modeling
  3. Integrated Drug-Discovery Projects


  1. Protein Structure and Protein Interaction Analysis
    1. Analysis of Protein Structure
    2. Protein Structure Prediction
    3. Protein-Protein and Ligand Protein Interactions
    4. Protein-Membrane Interactions
  2. Theoretical Gene Networks Analysis
  3. High Level Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data
  4. Nanomedicine

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